Store & retrieve patient data easily

Easily digitilize how patient information is collected, stored, and accessed. From check-in, to the consultation department, to the laboratory, a paperless patient care provide the best experience. XanaHealth generates HMIS and insurance reports automatically, reducing operational expenses.

Better patient care

By using XanaHealth Patient Card, patients spend less time at the hospital because it enables self-check-in and allows doctors to safely access a patient's past prescriptions and medical history.

Automated insurance claims

Easily collect claims directly in real-time and improve insurance claim processing speed.

How It Works

Medical Facilities

Manage the patient's pathway from registration, to triage, to consultation, laboratory, pharmacy, in-patient, and discharge.


Have access to patient cards and a mobile app to access their medical history, e-prescriptions, and much more.


The patient presents their card or a unique code generated by XanaHealth for pharmacists to access their e-prescription.


Billing information is securely accessible on an online dashboard for faster processing and reimbursement - all in real time.

Have a Question?

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